Scalable Transformation of Application Portfolio

How do you streamline and transform +1000 applications to cloud? That was the task for a global Danish company.

Get insights to how Bosco's team built a scalable model for assessing and migrating with full security and speed.

The Challenge

Complex Applicaition Portfolio

A global company has acquired and merged a diverse portfolio of businesses, resulting in a complex portfolio of applications. To reach competitiveness through scalability and agility, the company seeks to evaluate and migrate their +1000 applications to public cloud within three years.

The Assessment

Data-driven Insights

Stratos-AI empowers the initial data-gathering, providing a data-driven overview of all IT-assets and internal dependencies. A complete data-driven overview lays the foundation to reach economy of scale when evaluating and migrating thousands of applications.

The Solution

Getting it done

Our complete team of developers, scum masters, cloud- and DevOps engineers, and testers takes on the end-to-end delivery of developing a model for assessing and migrating all applications. Automating the process is crucial for the company to reach its ambitious goal.

A Team that suits YOUR Digital Journey

With our Digital Pioneers, companies gain access to a team of prefered size and capabilities fit for their digital journey.

Chose from three sizes: The more complete a set of capabilities you want from us, the larger the team is required.

Powered by our software, Stratos-AI, we can create a data-based foundation that enables economy of scale for even larger projects.

This company experiences the power of combining Stratos-AI's software analytics with our team of developers and consultants, to deliver volume-based outcomes. 

This enables a whole new price model, where expenses are based on outcome rather than man-hours and team size.

Powered by our software, Stratos-AI, this company saves 70% of the time normally spent on initial data-gathering and documentation. This means a faster realization of their potential.

It is no requirement to utilize Stratos-AI for hiring one of our teams.

With Bosco's team of Digital Pioneers, the company has a complete, agile team at their disposal.

We can provide a Danish Scrum Master, for closer collaboration.

Say goodbye to squandering your finances on developing solutions that have no demand once they hit the market.

With our services, you gain the power to swiftly launch new business solutions. You have complete control over the frequency of deploying new features – you can even do it instantly if you choose.

No matter the framework, we have capabilitites fit for your organisational preferences - SAFe, KANBAN, etc.

Let's talk

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