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The BOSCO Team 

Bosco is built on integrity and over thirty years of expertise in IT and data management. Our personal approach offers customers a true partnership. Like an extended arm to your business, our professional services assist you through the initial onboarding process and are on hand when you need us. We want to make every customer successful in executing a business-driven digital transformation and we want to help clients with creating the foundation for this journey. 


Empowering Customers


BOSCO is an agnostic innovator of Cloud Solutions and Services. We empower customers and help them turning IT into a Co-driver and create the foundation for their digital journey.

Powerful solutions from Bosco

Our wide range of software solutions and services fits all business sizes. With Stratus AI we deliver a user-friendly softwareservice designed for decisionmakers looking for Cost Optimisation, Fast IT landscape analytics, Cloud Benchmarking, Risks mitigations, Drag & Drop Cloud-Migration.  Everything with embedded  professional Services from trusted advisors.

Bosco at your Service
Like stepstones, our digital pioneers keep your business safe on your digital journey. We are on hand when you need us.

BOSCO means forest

The forest creates new life, it provides shade and shelter.

Its colourful and with its roots grounded in the soil.

We think this associates with our common values    


Steen Wienke


The Boss in the “Unbossed” organization. Direct, open, and honest are at the top of the value list of our CEO, Steen. With sharp overview and persistence, Steen maintains the essentials of the customer relation.

Favourite quote : “There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in


Anders Widahl Madsen

Head of innovation

Anders is always focused on creating business value using his deep insights in data and analytics. Improving customers’ Digital Journeys using data is the golden moment he’s been waiting for.

Bartosz Kupiecki


One of the most knowledgeable experts of the multi-cloud market, leading the Bosco Research and Development team.

Henri Svare


Experienced manager with deep knowledge in IT and IT governance. He knows how Enterprises can benefit from digital transformation.

Mads Bydegaard

Head of product

Mads has a long background in software with a strong focus on how to enable strategic decisions through software.


Cezary Reszka

International Sales

Proven success history in business development to foreign accounts. Expertise in building sales strategy & its execution on international markets. 

Get to know our Values

OUR Philosophy

Family first approach – Take care of your kids, sisters and brothers, parents, loved one,– prioritize
Unbossed philosophy – High Performance in self managed teams
Work alone, In Teams, In projects, from home, at the office , at a café or along the harbour – wherever you want