Align your IT Costs with your Actual Needs

Overdimensioning, shadow IT, zombie servers, vendor lock-in...

Too high spendings on IT can have many reasons. Learn how Stratos-AI® can help you align your technology spend to your actual needs.

How Stratos-AI® helps you reduce IT costs

Reducing your IT spendings is not an easy task. Excecuting fast transitions without putting mission critial IT at risk, makes the task even harder. Here's a few steps to reduce expenses while keeping the balance.

If you cannot easily migrate to another cloud, your current provider can easily raise its prices without you leaving.

Our Containerization Module provides essential insights for making you workloads universally compatible and thus avoid vendor lock-in.

It is common for businesses to overdimension their IT in order not to risk running out of capacity during unexpected peaks.

With our Rightsizing and Containerization Modules, you only pay for what you use and you can scale according to your needs..

When it comes to operating IT, time is money.

Stratos-AI® enables you to automate a great deal of the tasks by continuously mapping your IT landscape, detecting issues, and documenting your initiatives.

Don't let the fox guard your sheep.

If you do not have an overview of your utilization and rightsizing potential, you put that assessment in the hands of your outsourcing host. 

With Stratos-AI® you can easily assess what your price should be. With a resent customer we quickly determined a potential saving of millions every month!

Rightsizing with Stratos-AI®

Stratos-AI® continuously tracks your infrastructure usage and feeds the data into a rightsizing algorithm.

From here you can easily get concrete insights to your potential cloud costs.

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