Modernize Your Legacy

Modernizing your workloads with containerization enables you to scale and operate effeciently - both in the cloud and on-premises.

How Stratos-AI® helps you modernize

Cloud? Hybrid? On-premises? No two companies are alike and neither are their IT preferences.

By containerizing workloads you can prepare your IT landscape for any change in strategy.

If you cannot easily migrate to another cloud, your current provider can easily raise its prices without having you leaving.

Our Containerization Module enables you to avoid vendor lock-in and run your workloads in any IT environment.

Containers enable you to rightsize your infrastructure usage to the fullest and scale much faster. No matter whether you operate in the cloud or on-premises, containers let you get the most out of it.

Our Containerization Module provides you a continuous analysis of possible workloads to be containerized and lets you prototype, test, and deploy in any environment.

The power of Stratos-AI

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