How Plantas grows with Stratos-AI

“With Stratos-AI® we have a constant list of projects for possible optimizations, cost savings, and risk mitgating actions. To us it means faster decisions and a more efficient business.”

Michael Holst

IT manager/CIO of Plantas

The Company

Plantas buy and sell flowers and plants to retail chains, florists, kiosks, and gas stations. They have a yearly net turnover of DKK 1.000 mil. and they now operate in more than 30 countries.

With long tenure, teamwork, and a clever IT strategy with virtualization of servers and a close alignment with the business, Plantas have established themselves as a dominating player in the local market. Even with a small budget and a dedicated IT team, Plantas have been able to accommodate growth at an impressive level.

The Challenge

Scaling IT to expand business

Plantas set a strategy for expanding their B2B sales and distribution on the European market.

This development puts great demands on IT systems and resources, and requires a redefinition of the foundation for their IT organization:

Plantas needed to scale up their IT, free up time, and to enable efficient onboarding of new employees, consultants, and technologies – all while keeping an eye on any potential security issues.

Our Solution

Overview for Documentation

Stratos-AI® established a complete overview of their inventory and all internal dependencies, covering both hardware and applications. Using an agentless technology process, Stratos-AI provided continuously updated documentation of their IT setup.

This enabled Plantas to easily export files for documenting the relevant parts of their existing setup, enabling them to easily onboard new customers, employees or consultants with a constantly updated overview.

Detailed Reporting

An assessment report of their potential for moving their IT to public cloud provided a detailed analysis of cost benefits, benchmarking of prices across cloud providers, and an assessesment of how fit their existing setup and applications was for moving to cloud and/or containerizing workloads for even more efficient usage of the cloud.

In addition, Stratos-AI® analyzed the traffic across their network, and checked against a whitelist to create a list of suspicious IP adresses that could pose a security issue for Plantas.

Plantas' Experience with Stratos-AI®

“With Stratos-AI® we have a constant list of projects for possible optimizations, cost savings, and risk mitgating actions. To us it means faster decisions and a more effective business.”

Michael Holst

IT manager/CIO of Plantas

"Realistic Cost Estimation and Rightsizing"

Using Stratos-AI®’s built-in price books we automatically get realistic estimates of our cost of moving workloads to AWS, Azure or IBM. We both have a 1:1 and a right sizing for on-premise and Cloud – and based only on realistic Cloud configurations, saving us time every day.

"I have concrete data ready at hand"

When my business partners ask what it will cost to move this or that workload to the cloud, I just open Stratos-AI® and I have the cost ready at hand. Not only on server level, but I can continuously measure and adjust how much capacity the different business units utilise of my overall capacity.

"Keeping an eye on the CAPEX / OPEX balance "

With Stratos-AI® I can keep an eye on the balance between CAPEX and OPEX for future investments. Making sure we don’t invest in additional capacity that we in the future will purchase as a service eg. back-up capacity in the Cloud. There is so much valuable data in Stratos-AI®.

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