Digital Transformation Services

Bosco provides agile cloud development teams of various sizes and capabilities helping you create, deliver, and maintain cloud-based solutions for your particular Digital journey.

Empower your Digital Journey

Deliver on your digital journey with swift access to a complete team of digital experts.

- Or extend your team with additional remote or on-site capacity.

Our teams are ready to deliver and make your Digital journey fast and predictable.

Choose from three predefined team sizes: Essential, Accelerator or Transformer.

Our Danish native speaking Scrum masters are ready to assist you on every step of your journey. 

All identified specialist skills required part time over the lifecycle of a successfull delivery (eg. User Experience, design) are available over the lifetime of the engagement.

- Saving you the cost burden of hiring ressources not fully utilized.

You can go classic with a “pay as you go” volume model at an hourly rate.

For well-defined deliveries and experienced Product Owners, all cost for the transformation teams including additional part time skilled experts can be factored in advance.

-For a transparent, fixed monthly cost over the time of the engagement.

Always stay focused on transforming your business. With a complete, agile team including a Scrum master at your disposal, you can concentrate on innovation and aligning deliveries with business without ever having to get into technical details.

Each Transformation Service team is tailored for your purpose, around a number of full-time experts led by a Bosco Scrum master.

Based on your requirements and development principles, we shape the individual profiles and team, and the potential involvement of any part-time experts are identified.

Bosco only works with professional and established partners who are accustomed to Scandinavian culture. With several hundred professionals already staffed and a investor in Bosco they are committed to your success.

Chose Your preferred Team

Or select from our Capacities

High-skilled developers

Skilled in cloud technologies and programming languages

Scrum Masters

Experienced in agile methodologies and facilitation skills


Proficient in testing tools and automation frameworks

DevOps Engineers

Experienced in cloud infrastructure, automation, and deployment tools

Happy with the current pace of your transformation?

Or concerned about the slow pace or managing business impact?

See how the Transformer Team helped a global company build a scalable platform for transforming +1000 applications:

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