Enhance Security and Compliance with Stratos-AI®

IT Security and Compliance are some of the most crucial areas for ensuring a well-functioning business.

Get insights to how Stratos-AI® can help you automate some of the basic tasks and stay alert to issues.

How Stratos-AI® automates your basic security tasks

In the platform you always have a real-time overview of your IT setup and a constantly updated and prioritized list of the most urgent issues for you to act upon.

Stratos-AI® continuously maps the entire IT landscape - from the bottom of the physical infrastructure to the top of the application layer. Hereby you do not simply get a one-time overview, but your'e able to document everything in real-time.

Stratos-AI® uncovers all internal dependencies acrooss the network. on the platform you can easily filter the systems and environments so you know excactly which parts of your IT would be affected by a migration.

Stratos-AI enables you to compare the cost savings by moving to cloud across all the providers. You can even compare the costs of a 1:1 migration to a rightsized scenario.

Our Automated Containerization feature lets you easily detect workloads ready for containerization. With a simple drag-and-drop you can prototype, test, and deploy your workloads in containers for optimal efficiency in the cloud.

The power of Stratos-AI

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