Risk mitigation and Compliance with Stratos-AI®

IT Security and Compliance are some of the most crucial areas for ensuring a well-functioning business.

Get insights to how Stratos-AI® makes sure your investments in security deliver value to your most critical business functions.

How Stratos-AI® automates your basic security tasks

In the platform you always have a real-time overview of your IT setup and a constantly updated and prioritized list of the most urgent issues for you to act upon.

Stratos-AI continuously maps your entire IT landscape and provides you a real-time overview of missing firewalls on your network.

Zombie servers are servers that are running but have no external communications or visibility and contributes no compute resources. They  consume electricity but serve no useful purpose.

In addition, such servers are rarely patched sufficiently and thus not only cost you money, they also pose a severe risk.

Stratos-AI® continuously keeps you updated on zombie servers hidden in your network.

The platform keeps you updated on your server lifecycles enabling you to make sure you never miss a patch, plan your risk mitigating actions in time, and thus never put mission critical IT at risk.

The power of Stratos-AI

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Servers assessed in one scan by Stratos-AI®

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