Automated and actionable CMDB with Stratos-AI®

With Stratos-AI, you can keep your CMDB updated automatically and gain a realtime overview of all internal dependencies.

The platform integrates with major CMDB and ITSM systems, such as ServiceNow and Freshservice.

The map and the landscape 

It is fundamental for any business to have a correct and continuously updated CMDB, providing a correct image of the IT landscape. 

With Stratos-AI® , data is populated about CI’s to your CMDB automatically. This means no manual tasks, no latency and no mistakes. Stratos-AI mirrors the IT landscape one-to-one in an intuitive overview that you can rely on and act upon. 

All dependencies from the bottom to the top

Ever wondered whether there was a smarter way to create an overview of two-dimensional information? 

Stratos-AI® doesn’t simply observe your IT assets. The platform maps all internal dependencies and the relations running between servers, environments, and applications – all in an intuitive and actionable overview.

The benefits of CMDB population with Stratos-AI®

Take full advantage of the flexibility in modern cloud native and SaaS models with intelligent rightsizing based on real usage patterns. Get usable documentation for policy definitions and ARM templates.

Deliver swift changes with full certainty. You get an always updated list assets and their internal dependencies - without chasing outdated information.

Stratos-AI calculates automatically future costs of migrating capacity to cloud services. Based on actual usage, Stratos-AI gives you the calculated cost on server- and application level across the major cloud providers.

Stratos-AI® is a perfect solution for even small and medium sized companies looking for a CMDB to support their business.

With Stratos-AI® there's no risk of binding scarce ressources to manual operations and maintainance.

By connecting utilization of IT ressources to applications and business functions, you can manage invoicing or chargeback based on actual consumption.

The power of Stratos-AI

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Servers assessed in one scan by Stratos-AI®

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