How Trimco gained an actionable overview with Stratos-AI®

“With Stratos-AI® we quickly gained an actionable overview of a large and complex IT estate. To us it means faster decisions with higher predictability.”

Michael Hessel

Strategic Infrastructure Manager

The Company

Trimco Group is a leading global supplier of brand identity products for international fashion and sports brands.

They provide innovative product designs and production techniques, manage and advise on care label regulations for international markets and operate world class logistics centres.

They strive to deliver a trouble-free supply chain for all their brand owners to meet market demands for quality, timelines and sustainability.

The Challenge

Trimco Group is the combined force of CLOTEX,  A-TEX and LABELON, with more than 1,700 employees in 21 countries, serving more than 800 brands and 8,600 manufacturers around the world.

Having an IT estate spread across 17 data centres, Trimco needed firm documentation of their IT infrastructure and a central overview of their entire installation – including an assessment of hidden security- and compliance issues.

With an aim of keeping IT costs under control and to create an IT strategy roadmap, Bosco came onboard.

Our Solution

Overview for Documentation

We installed Stratos-AI® for providing a detailed overview of Trimco’s entire IT infrastructure.

With the platform installed, Trimco gained a detailed overview of their entire installation and internal dependencies.

Details for moving forward

With the overview established, Stratos-AI®’s algorithms processed the data and provided intelligent advice for rightsizing the installation and for mitigating risks.

It became clear that Trimco had a great potential for cutting substantially down on their IT costs by rightsizing their infrastructure and for modernizing their IT estate by containerization of workloads.

The platform came up with 30 various actionable advice for enhancing IT security, including patch level analysis and lifecycle management. 

These are sample data, not from Trimco’s IT installation.

Detailed reporting

In order to provide Trimco with a clear roadmap for going forward, we used Stratos-AI® to generate a simple, fact-based report of the findings and the next crucial steps. 

Trimco's Experience with Stratos-AI®

"An actionable overview"

With Stratos-AI® we quickly gained an actionable overview of a large and complex IT estate. To us it means faster decisions with higher predictability.

"Detailed reports"

With detailed reports of the findings, we got a clear roadmap for our coming projects and a prioritized list of where in our IT landscape we should direct our focus – everything from potential cost savings to risk mitigation.

"Data-driven compliance"

As to any other business, compliance and documentation is crucial. Stratos-AI® has given us a data-driven overview of both IT assets, product lifecycles, and internal dependencies across our network.

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