4 tips for turning IT documentation into an asset for Your business

We often see that businesses experience difficulties providing updated data on their IT environment, and that ongoing CMDB projects never reach their harbour.

Get four tips for turning IT documentation into a powerful co-driver for your business.


A CMDB is a data base of your IT. 

A such data base is fundamental for maintainance and operations of existing IT systems and it has a central role for digitalization.

Succesful digitalization requires alignment between the classic watafall and the new, agile IT paradigm:

You need to secure updated data about the existing IT-environment to secure integration, legal data-treatment, and effective detection and fasing out of doubled services. 

A CMDB is the stepstone from the old to the new

Without an updated CMDB it is time consuming and entails much larger risk of errors to:

Keep the business’ IT systems updated and prevent security breaches
Document compliance (GDPR, NIS2, NIST CIS controls, ISO, etc.)
Plan and excecute changes (Change management)
Uncover dependencies among applications, operating systems, and physical infrastructure
Configure firewalls and shut down improper access to network without cutting off legitimate access – such as support
Identify data sources and map the needs for data integration to new digital applications

Turning documentation into a co-driver for the business: 4 tips

Automate updates of the CMDB and eliminate manual tasks prone with error.

With the platform, Stratos-AI, Bosco offers a cost efficient and flexible alternative. 

It integrates with any of the leading CMDB and ITSM systems on the market.

Don't waste valuable resources updating and maintaining idle systems and servers.

That could be zombie servers - meaning servers, that do not have not had any function within the past 6 months and do not support a business need.

Often that is the case with applications that have been replaced by cloud solutions without the notice of the IT department.

→ Cleaning up both means reducing costs and limiting energy consumption.

Stratos-AI® automatically detects zombie servers, shadow IT or any other idle infrastructure.

Analyze the sources of technical debt and project maintainance tasks for prioritizing of actions.

This is done partly by analyzing the application layer regarding lock-in on operating systems and security issues.

Are there applications running the risk of lock-in, prioritize them in time.

Automate documentation and reporting of compliance. When the CMDB is updated, it can deliver updated documentation of the status of compliance efforts - (CIS basic controls, NIST, ISO and GDPR article 32).

Stratos-AI® offers complete analyses from the bottom of the physical infrastructure to the top of the application layer. 

Lastly, it is an advantage to group IT systems according to functionalities.

In this way the various business areas can relate to the IT-resources and applications on with they depend.

A clear and data-driven overview creates value for both IT and the business regarding:

Planning and executing changes in IT (change management) and service windows
Charge-back for IT servicesto the business and an overview of recources
Forecast IT capacity needs based on development of each business area
OPEX/CAPEX analysis regarding new as-a-Service payment models

Stratos-AI® offers full IT visibility and groups systems and environments automatically according to business functions.

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