Intelligent Rightsizing

With our Rightsizing Module, you can align your infrastructure spendings with your actual needs. 

Compare your costs of migrating parts of your IT to public cloud - both in a 1:1 migration and in a rightsized scenario.

Use Cases for the Rightsizing Module

Our intelligent rightsizing is based on your excact infrastructure utilization and performance patterns running across your network.

Stratos-AI® maps the entire IT landscape and tracks you infrastructure usage over time.

The data feeds right into our rightsizing algorithm which calculates your potential savings and detects idle servers that can be shut down.

By rightsizing your installation you get to reduce your number of software licences and thus minimize your costs significantly.

When working with our clients we typically see an overcapacity of 50-60% on larger server installations. Servers not in use consume approximately 70% of electricty compared to a fully utilized server.

By rightsizing your installation you get to limit your energy consumption significantly and reduce your carbon footprint related to data center electricity.

Our rightsizing module enables you to benchmark your cloud costs across the major cloud providers, and you can compare your prices using various payment models.

It has never been easier to cut down on IT costs.