NIS2 Compliance with Stratos-AI®

The EU Commission has accelerated the adoption of the new NIS2 directive, aiming to strengthen the resilience and incident response within the European union.

Get insights to how you can prepare in time for the new NIS2 directive with Stratos-AI®.

How Stratos-AI® Tackles NIS2 Compliance

The NIS2 directive will effectively oblige more entities and sectors to work systematically with IT security, to document IT assets, and to comply to a risk-based security framework.

Stratos-AI® maps the entire IT landscape and uncovers all internal dependencies - from the bottom of the physical infrastructure to the top of the application layer.

As NIS2 only encompasses mission critical assets, this initial mapping enables you to focus your ressources on assets solely within this scope.

With the Advice Engine, Stratos-AI® automatically detects missing firewalls, life cycle issues, identifies “zombie” -and high risk servers, and missing patches.

With the Projects Module, Stratos-AI enables you to document your risk-mitigating initiatives in real-time for optimal risk-based security.

Sectors within the Scope

The Original NIS Directive:



Digital Infrastructure



Digital Service Providers



Additions following the NIS2 Directive:


Postal and courier services

Public E-com

Providers of public electronic communications networks or services

Digital Services

such as social networking service platforms and data centre services


Public administration


Waste water and waste management


Manufactoring of certain critical products, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and chemicals

The power of Stratos-AI

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Servers assessed in one scan by Stratos-AI®

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