Improve Every Day

As a platform for Continuous Improvement Analytics, Stratos-AI® limits the gap between IT technicians and IT management-

- Reducing your dependency on external consultants and enabling further control with your IT.

Align IT and Business

Aligning IT with the business strategy is often a matter of communication.

Stratos-AI® enables IT operations to automate data collection, and it converts the data into information and actionable advice for IT management.

Stratos-AI® maps the entire IT landscape and uncovers all internal dependencies - from the bottom of the physical infrastructure to the top of the application layer.

A continuous overview is crucial for well-informed IT decisions, empowering IT operators to document everything in real-time.

In the Advice Engine, Stratos-AI® converts complex amounts of data into actionable advice. 

The platform keeps you updated on potential cost savings, security issues, and on potential modernization initiatives for more efficiency.

For IT management this means more predictability when evaluating cloud migrations, reducing technology spend, documenting compliance levels, and much more.

Improve your IT, every day

Over the years, most companies’ IT landscape has grown larger and more complex.

Complexity can make it hard to make the right IT decisions, and rather than transforming towards today’s digital demands, time and money is spent on operating and maintaining yesterday’s technologies.

This situation leaves businesses vulnerable to disruptive market dynamics and to the increased threat from cyber-attacks.

Even though the need for digital transformation may be self-evident, getting started is often easier said than done. There are several tools available to administrate the fundamental infrastructure usage, but in order to align the reality of the data center with the overall business strategy, companies often look towards external consultants for help.


What is Continuous Improvement Analytics?

In short: Continuous Improvement Analytics enables you to improve your IT – everyday.

Deciding on digital transformation initiatives affects the whole organization, and the right path for digital success very much depends on the overall strategy of the business. Digital transformation cannot be driven by IT technicians alone.

As c-suite decision makers rarely have insights to the current state of their data center, there’s a gap between the world of the technicians – who struggle to keep track of a still growing network of servers, technical debt and product lifecycles – and the

 strategic decision makers looking for faster development of new ideas, business agility, IT security, and cost-efficiency.

To bridge this gap, organizations typically hire external consultants. They map the complex IT landscape and aim to draw a digital path from the current state to the setup that will hopefully meet the business’ goals.

The problem is that no matter how many consultants you hire, you will only get a one-time overview of your IT. This overview will be outdated as soon as things change, and most critically: you have given up your most dear business secrets to externals.

Turn data into information in real-time

This is where Continuous Improvement Analytics (CIA) enters the scene. A CIA platform is a software that continuously collects data on your infrastructure usage and converts the data into actionable advice for your next IT decision.


You do not have to look to see if there are any security issues you should attend to or if you have unrealized potential for cost savings or optimization. The platform will let you know if anything requires your attention.

In this way, there’s no gap between the abstract data and the insights you need – the platform turns massive amounts of data into information on the fly, empowering you to make faster, fact-based IT decisions yourself.