Professional Services

Your guide through the digital world

Your guide through the

Digital world

With changing market dynamics, organizations need to find ways to innovate in a hybrid IT world. 

Bosco Professional Services can help you accelerate cloud adoption, identify your opportunities in regard of cost-savings, reduce technical debt and risk, and enhance efficiency and agility.

We have a cloud-agnostic approach to help determine the most secure and optimized cloud environment specific to your unique business needs.


Our Services

Cloud Architecture Planning

• We support you as a trusted advisor helping design and make services into PaaS & FaaS.

• We guide and support you in preparing complicated migrations

• Let us help you with  your Cloud strategy

• Assess your migration readiness

• Identify and involve stakeholders

• Estimate costs and return on investment

Cloud Migration

• We help you build your team’s cloud skillset

• Discover and assess on-premises applications

• Shortening time to value by automating migration on Stratus AI  best practice

• Pilot your migration with a few workloads

• Set-up chargeback process

Cloud Sizing and Security Audit

• We help you assess and right size your current infrastructure and in more complicated cases, we can also right size your current cloud infrastructure.

• Utilize our experience to assess your Cloud security status, risk exposure, networking and identity management process.

• Monitor and enhance security

Cloud OPS Setup

• We set up operations on cloud, including Monitoring, Backups, Disaster Recovery,Logging NaD Security.

• We are using the preferred Cloud Stack from AwS, Google or Microsoft.

• Integrate and interface with your current IT Service Management System.