BOSCO and Human IT in new partnership

Swedish Human IT will now be able to accelerate digital transformations using BOSCO’s software, Stratos-AI®. With the new partnership, BOSCO looks forward to mutual benefits and a strong collaboration across the sea.

BOSCO delivers a software-driven foundation for digital journeys. Company CEO, Steen Wienke, sees the software, Stratos-AI®, as a perfect match for Human IT’s innovative approach, and he perceives the partnership as an opportunity to strengthen BOSCO’s position on the Swedish market:

Human IT is a highly respected and competent player when it comes to digital disruption in the Swedish IT-industry. We see our software, Stratos-AI® as a great match for an agile foundation for Human ITs digital customer journeys: Human IT will be able to accelerate digital transformations remarkedly.

With this partnership we aim to establish ourselves firmly on the Swedish market, and Human IT’s strong digitalization competencies will be a great support for BOSCO’s journey on the Danish market as well.

“Stratos-AI® is a key tool in Human IT’s portfolio to help our customers on their Digitalization Journey.”

These ambitions are mirrored in Markus Närenbäck’s expectations – company CEO of Human IT. He looks forward to having BOSCO’s Stratos-AI® on board:

BOSCO has a unique tool in Stratos AI® that not only can deep scan current infrastructure and application environments, it takes use of advanced BI technologies and AI to support with clever analysis and smart advice all the way to automated containerization.

Stratos-AI® is a key tool in Human IT’s portfolio to help our customers on their Digitalization Journey.

Human IT are experts in delivering human-centered IT-solutions. Their great team of experts cover all areas of a digitalization process with the aim of creating a more human and sustainable world with IT.

Visit Human IT to get to know them better.

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